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Add Favicon to WordPress Backend

There are so many themes available, which gives you the option to easily add favicon to your WordPress Sites’s Front End. But have you ever wondered how to add favicon on your WordPress Back-end ? Yes, you can do that. There are many ways to add favicon to the WordPress Back-end. Some of us use […]


Creating your new website involves the planned integration of your ideas with our expertise. Respondiv is proud to set itself apart from other web development companies by offering a complete and comprehensive set of services. We conceptualize ideas with each of our clients, perform valuable market research, explore effective website designs, and finally construct the […]

Welcome to RESPONDIV’S New Site

We are pleased to introduce our newly designed website and blog to share with the world. Our new website represents a new face for our online presence. The website was created to help our customers benefit from the support, knowledge and expertise we are able to offer in web design and web management. We understand […]